Sunday, January 29, 2017


State-of-the-art, grammar guidance can offer hundreds of rules, or 4 prepositions.

To learn, we have to think about the time and the money that decent language skill would require. More, there cannot be grammar or other rule good to regulate human thought. However many rules we learn, all in all, we have to determine our extent and ground in language on our own. Here are two real-life and language facts.


There is not and there cannot be a grammar rule to tell whether we want to say we live somewhere, we are living, have lived, or we have been living. It is up to our resolve, to express own thought.


At the same time, we people live ON Earth. We usually view lands or seas as extents. We give at least psychological borders to areas IN which we are. We perceive routes and ways TO places. We happen to be AT landmarks and places.

Such are human natural variables for space, in English. Whatever our first, native, or primary language, our perception for space is not really separable from that for time, and our language intuitions have it. Try Brainteasers and nature.

CONCLUSION We can employ these variables for language, saving time and money.
See Mapping the time.

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